About Quint Company

Highest Quality Flexographic Photopolymer printing plates

The Quint Company produces the highest quality Flexographic Photopolymer printing plates. We offer a wide range of plate materials to meet our customers needs. We manufacture plates for key industries:

Our plate room operates under GMP to insure that your plate requirements are met every time. We also offer plates for Letterpress and Coatings, as well as Design Services and film processing. Our team has worked with packaging companies that serve some of the biggest names in the food and consumer packaged goods industries.

#1 Supplier of Hapa and Metronic Print Mats

Quint Co. is the number one supplier of Hapa and Metronic print mats for the Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Industry. Quint Company has been a pioneer in the use of bar codes on pharmaceutical blister packaging, and we apply that experience and expertise to every project we deliver. With 30 years of experience and specialized expertise, we at Quint set the industry standard with virtually error-free plates and grade “A” ANSI bar codes. Read about Quint Co’s Bar Code Platemaking Quality and Verification Procedures.

Propietary  cGMP, FDA Approved Systems Developer

Quint Company has developed and adheres to proprietary systems and processes for making high-quality, error-free flexographic print mats. We find that many clients benefit from a deeper understanding of the platemaking process. We take the time to share with clients exactly what can go wrong and why and more importantly, the requirements for getting it right. Quint delivers what we promised, providing excellent customer service. Whether responding to a quick request or addressing a large, long-term project, the Quint Company team delivers on time, on budget and with a pleasant, customer-driven approach.